New Web Site

Welcome to the new 440th VFW web site.

This is a custom built site that focuses mostly on managing our missions and pilot history within the Wing. There are places to...

  • Create new missions
  • Providing briefing material
  • Add a mission debrief post-flight
  • And of course, there is each pilots individual logbook that is also tied closely to the mission schedule making it easier for pilots to log flight data.
  • And more

All other Wing communication and collaboration, including voice communication for mission planning prior to committing to 3D, takes place on our Discord server.  There are channels for simple text conversations (if desired we can set up threads like our old forums) as well as dedicated voice channels for Wing flights and for just hanging out. Private messages have been replaced with Discord Direct Messages.

If you know of any special posts from our old forums that you think would make for good pages here in our Pilot Lounge or Training area, please let Derk or Zeus know because we can still pull this information from the last backup of our old forums.