About Us

Welcome to the 440th VFW.

We are an international group of like minded individuals that enjoy flying the Falcon BMS simulator and sharing our passion of the F-16 and online flying with others. We offer training programs for novice and experienced virtual pilots as well as coordinated events focused on cooperative execution of reasonable if not realistic tactics. We continually strive to make ourselves better BMS pilots while enjoying the company of others that share our passion.

One of the principles that drive our wing include the thoughtful planning of missions with clear goals using realistic tactics and procedures to accomplich those goals. We enjoy learning and practicing tactics that are a balance between realism and practicality given the limitations of the sim and ourselves. We take pride in sharing our passion of the BMS platform and enjoy helping others get the most out of that experience.

In this Wing you will find that we...
  • Enjoy mission planning as much as the actual flying
  • Emphasize co-op flying and coordinating flight roles to accomplish missions goals
  • Evaluate our performance after each flight, seeking out opportunities to learn and improve

If you feel you're up to the challenge, please visit our recruiting page and submit an application. Also check out our YouTube channel where you can learn more about us and see some of the wing members in action during our flights.

The 440th Team